Zeuxine longilabris (Orchidaceae): a new record for the flora of Uttar Pradesh, India

Zeuxine longilabris, a terrestrial orchid, is known to show wide global distribution. The species also occurs in India but, so far, it has not been recorded from Uttar Pradesh. In our survey the species was found on the forest floor of natural sal-dominated forest in Sohagi Barwa Wildlife Sanctuary of north-eastern Uttar Pradesh. The species stands as a new addition and thus a new distributional record to the flora of Uttar Pradesh. In this short communication the species is described with the help of suitable illustrations and photographs to facilitate the identification in the field.

Auteurs : Balmukund Chaurasia , Deepak Gond & R.P. Shukla

Pages : pp 72-81


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Zeuxine longilabris (Orchidaceae): a new record for the flora of Uttar Pradesh, India
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